Gerald de Villiers

About Me

I am a full-time trader, fund manager and forex mentor. Often I am approached to speak at some of the leading Brokerage seminars in the country. However my journey, which started in 2012, was not an easy one. Thousands of hours were spent studying price action, risk management as well as chart analysis. Even while using most of the trading tool indicators available to me, I could not manage to understand the market. Through all the frustration, long hours and disbelief in trading I kept on trying, knowing that one day I will have achieved my goal. And so, in time, I did.

The key to my success started when I moved away from conventional trading norms. Once I followed my own analysis patterns, after years of incorrect trading using conventional methods, I was able to create my own viable trading method. Unfortunately most new and existing traders try to implement strategies and methods that don’t work. This is not to discredit all strategies as incorrect or unhelpful. Many traders are misguided by or do not fully comprehend conventional trading practices which can be complicated. These traders then lose heart after a loss of capital and subsequently move away from a tool that could have given them their great returns. And so I created the G-TT Algo: The solution to every trader.

The reason for the creation of a simple and effective Algo sprung from my compassion towards family, friends and colleagues who had been let down, just as I had, time and time again by trading. After watching people spend large sums of income on courses and spending precious time on methods that didn’t succeed, I knew I had to provide a solution. My desire is to empower people, in a simple, effective and easily comprehensible manner so as to help people achieve their financial goals. Not only do I wish to change the way of trading to a better, easier trading model but I also truly believe that peoples’ lives can be changed for the better.

MQL Coding

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